Level 3 Cleric


The cleric Horzar is a man of the cloth and staff. A kind but hard man, strengthened by his trials.
In his time as a cleric he has fought evil and has seen both darkness and light triumph. He believes in the law and that he is meant to do good in the world. He has exceptional skills with his staff and is uncannily adept with beasts.

His mother died early in his life and he lived his earliest years on the street. When he was about eight years old a man named Burrich took him as a foster son. Burrich was the stablemaster of Buckkeep and there Horzar was made to work hard earn. He excelled in his work and was also taught writing and numbers.

When Horzar was fourteen he met Molly. She instantly became his world and they were inseparable until spring three years later when she told him she was leaving. She did not say where she was going and forbade Horzar from coming with. After she left, Horzar tried to find her but to no avail. Not long thereafter Burrich took to a cough that never went away and he died in the winter.

Horzar was denied the position as stablemaster and was turned out of the stablemasters quarters. He took to drink and made his living doing odd jobs for the people in town. When because of being drunk he failed to stop a murder on the street he cold hardly live with himself. He stopped drinking and turned to religion. He studied the many scrolls of the church, learned fast and took it to heart. In the scrolls he found his calling. He would become a cleric. When he finally succeeded he left Buck to never look back and has been a wandering cleric ever since.

XP: 4104


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